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March 2016

Four Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Add Curb AppealThe harsh weather conditions in the winter months can cause unintended wear and tear to the exterior of a home. Between the dirt and excess salt and grime from the snow sludge leaving marks on the siding of a home, preparing your home’s exterior to match the landscaping can be a large task. There are several ways that you, as a homeowner, can improve the curb appeal of your home.

1. New Gutters Guards

Part of spring cleaning usually involves cleaning the leftover leaves and stray materials that sink into your home’s gutters during the winter. Adding gutter guards to a home’s gutters can help keep stray, unwanted material out of your gutters while reducing the risk associated with, and the time spent, personally cleaning out the gutters.

2. New Siding

Replacing the siding of a house is one of the best ways to improve a home’s overall value. Although there are several different options available for consumers to choose from when picking out new siding, fiber cement siding has been featured in several home improvement magazines as the best return on investment.

Fiber cement siding is easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. It also requires less maintenance and doesn’t need to be repainted as often as wood or brick exteriors. Other siding options such as vinyl can still increase curb appeal for a much lower cost

3. Roof Restoration

Tattered, damaged, or old roofs can decrease the curb appeal of a home and affect the energy efficiency of the home. Roof restoration provides many benefits for home owners as it can help improve the look of the home, eliminate leaks, reduce the energy costs of the home, and increase the roof’s longevity.

Rejuvenating a roof is a great way to save money in the long run, and it can increase your home’s energy efficiency rating. In addition, restoring a roof can eliminate ponding water issues and extend the life of your roof well past its original life expectancy.

4. New Energy Efficient Windows

Windows can accumulate dirt and grime from the snow and harsh weather during the winter. Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient windows can help save money on energy bills as well as improve the curb appeal of a home.

There are many different window options that can match the design layout for any home. Popular window replacements include vinyl and wood replacements, double hung or slider windows, and picture windows. In addition to increasing the curb appeal, new windows are easier to clean and take care of than older windows.


Home Renovations What About The Floor

hardwood.If you are renovating your home, adding a room or moving a wall, you will one day have to address the floor. Will you go with carpet, hardwood, tile or a laminate? Each has its pros and cons, like most things, and each is a viable option for most homeowners. Which one is right for you?

Carpet is a nice choice if you like something warm and snuggly underfoot. It is warm and inviting, but it isn’t a good choice for allergy sufferers as it traps the pet dander and other allergens in its fibers. It will also stain if you drop anything on it and can look dated if the colour is popular now, but not something that will be sustainable years from now.

Hardwood always makes a room look elegant, and it is pretty easy to keep clean, too, but hardwood will get scraped up and worn in high traffic areas over time. If you prolong hardwood to direct sunlight it can fade and it is not a good idea to put it in bathrooms or kitchens because of the water and humidity levels in those rooms that can cause it to crack and warp. Hardwood is also cold and hard underfoot and slippery for pets.

Tile is a durable substance that can be laid in a variety of patterns. It is great in bathrooms and kitchens as spills just sit on top until someone wipes them up. It also won’t warp when rooms get warm and damp, but again, tile is hard and cold underfoot. Tile is incredibly easy to keep clean and is great for those allergy sufferers among us. There is wood tile on the market now that gives the look of hardwood with the ease of tile. A renovation win-win.

Laminate is a type of hardwood. At least it is made to look like hardwood, but at a fraction of the cost. It is usually made by compressing a lot of layers of stuff together, it’s not ‘real’ wood but it looks and acts like it is. This is a good option if hardwood isn’t in the budget but you just have to have the look of hardwood.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is installed by professionals for best results. Floors that are kept clean and maintained will look great for years to come, so grab that broom, that vacuum or that mop and let’s get renovating!


Home Improvements to Increase Your Resale Value

Add a PatioBoosting the resell value of your home is essential when you are hoping to get the most you can out of your home. The right upgrades to your home will improve the visibility of the home, and can boost the overall value of your home. Use these tips to make some changes to your home.

Tip #1 – Add a Patio

Another way to boost your home’s value is by adding a deck or patio. The investment can bring upwards of $10,000 or more when you sell the home. A deck needs to be sturdy and approved by city restrictions to allow you to have the right value. A patio with window coverings is a great way to create a new look to the home. It is a good idea to plan on comparing different window treatments as some can be used to block out the sun and reduce energy costs.

Tip #2 – New Windows

Do you want the home to stand out? Adding new windows is a great selling point, and a great way to boost the value of the home. When you invest in new windows, you can drastically reduce energy bills. People often look at the windows and doors when they are browsing potential homes to purchase. A great way to make your home look immaculate is by adding new window shutters to the home. Custom shutters will help to allow light in during the right times of the day, and can keep it out when it is too warm. Custom shutters will boost the value of your home, and give it a personalized element that potential homebuyers will not find elsewhere.

Tip #3 – Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen is another great way to boost the value of your home. You need to look at the different options that you can afford. Some people can spend upwards of $50,000 on a kitchen remodel or redesign. The goal is to create a functional kitchen that looks impressive. You can easily do the work on your own and save thousands of dollars. Simple things like refinishing the cabinets will give your kitchen a nicer look. Another thing you can do is to add some tile flooring. Tile looks nicer and boost the value of the kitchen. People always look at the kitchen when they are debating what home they would like to purchase. Adding wooden shutters to the kitchen is a great option to give it a new look, and to have privacy when you want a romantic dinner.

Tip #4 – Bathroom

The bathroom is another place that people commonly look at when they are debating the value of the home. Even a basic paint job to the bathroom will boost the value of the bathroom. Opt for lighter colors as it makes the bathroom look larger than it is. Upgrade other areas of the bathroom as well including the cabinets. If you cannot afford a new tub plan to do a basic upgrade such as refinishing the tub. It will make it look nicer and boost the resell value. Adding windows to the bathroom with the right custom shutters will provide additional light to the room, making it feel larger. The shutters will allow for privacy when you need it, and help the bathroom to have a unique look that truly stands out.

Tip #5 – Landscaping

People are looking for curb appeal when they consider a home. If your landscaping doesn’t look nice, it will make it hard for people to stop and consider buying your home. Add some fresh plants and flowers to get people to stop and notice your home. Exterior shutters are a great way for people to see a little originality added to your home without too much additional effort.

These six tips will help you boost your home’s value so you can make a nice profit when you plan on selling your home.


6 Tips for a Successful Basement Remodeling Experience

Basement Remodeling ExperienceTransforming your basement into a finished space not only gives your family more room in your home, but it also adds tremendous value to your house. However, the basement remodeling process can be overwhelming if you are not adequately prepared. Here are 6 tips to ensure you have a successful experience.

Understand Legal Requirements

Before you begin your basement remodeling project, you must first be aware of any legal requirements that you need to follow. Some areas require residents to obtain permits before completing certain types of work, and there may also be codes that your project must adhere to. Being aware of these requirements upfront can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Handle Any Moisture Problems

Before you can begin any renovations, you must address any moisture issues. Basements are commonly subject to leaks, condensation, and flooding. Be sure to tackle any moisture problems at the beginning of your project to avoid mold and musty odors later on. One way to test for moisture is to tape 2-foot plastic sheeting squares to the floor and the walls. Wait about two weeks and then check for condensation. If you find some under the plastic, it indicates your foundation is unsealed. If you find condensation on top of the plastic, then the area must be dehumidified.

Inspect and Repair Other Critical Areas

Another area you will want to inspect before beginning your renovation project is the floor joists. Be sure the joists are not sagging. Also, probe for insect damage and rot by using an awl. It is important to also check for this type of damage in any wood-framed windows, as well as in rim and header joists and the sill plate. Another critical part of the inspection process is getting a professional to check any fuel-burning equipment and the ventilation system in your home in order to make sure there is not a buildup of carbon monoxide.

Consider Adding Extra Rooms

As you complete your basement remodeling, you might consider dividing the space into separate rooms. Adding a bedroom and bathroom in the space can make it a living area for a family member or a place for visiting guests to relax. Adding a kitchen area makes it easy to use the space for entertaining.

Consider the Staircase

While you are redesigning the space, it is a good idea to look at your current staircase and see if any modifications are needed. It is important to make sure that your staircase is up to code. This is also a good time to enhance your staircase’s aesthetic appeal, as well as making sure it is safe and in a convenient location.

Choose the Appropriate Flooring

Most basements have a concrete floor, which is the perfect base for a variety of flooring options. Many types of flooring work well in this space, so it is important to take into account your personal preferences, cost, and type of use the room will experience. However, solid wood flooring is typically not advisable in this type of space because it can warp or develop gaps in basement conditions.

By following a few critical tips you can ensure your basement remodeling experience is a success and create a usable space your family can enjoy for years to come.