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May 2016

Proper Maintenance Tips For Travertine Stones

travertin stoneTravertine, marble and limestone all terribly look similar in physical and chemical composition. This gives us a feeling that all the improvement, cleaning and care procedures are relatively same for all the three kinds. But one has to clearly know the difference to properly maintain and extend the durability of travertine stones. Let’s target travertine for a moment. Travertine is a less dense than the granite and is very sensitive to acidic liquids like wine, and juice.

A lot depends on the sort of finish applied to the travertine. When a honed or tumbled finish is employed, it’s a lot of liable to staining and dulling by “etching.” Due to the nature of its body, it wants a sealer to get protected against staining. Polished travertine is much stain-resistant.

The following are 5 tips to help clean and protect your travertine stone:

1. Test carefully and seal the stone. If your home has travertine put in within the tub, kitchen, eating space, etc., And it has a honed or tumbled finish, confer with your designer to make sure the stone was sealed. This can facilitate within the event of a spill of red wine, fruit juice or other aggressive agents, particularly on countertops and floors.

2. Wipe up spills straight away. This interlocking tile mosaic is sensitive to things like spaghetti sauce, tomato ketchup and sure effervescent beverages. It’s best to scrub up quickly using hot water and a stone cleansing product. Don’t use vinegar, lemon or orange cleansing agents, bleach, ammonia or factory-made merchandise that contains acids, alkalis or alternative chemicals once cleansing travertine stone.

3. Dust mop a travertine floor frequently. Use a clean, dry dust mop frequently and then once every week use a wet mop with predicaments and a specially developed stone cleansing agent. It’s best to not vacuum stone flooring because the machine will produce chips and cracks.

4. Shield and canopy. Doormats and carpet runners should be used to help keep traffic from bringing in dirt and elements that may harm the interlocking tile mosaic. For countertops and baths, use coasters for all decorative trays to protect the travertine from cosmetics and bath merchandise like colognes, perfumes, oils, soaps and alternative toiletries. Prevention is that the best remedy once it comes to maintaining travertine stone.

5. Poultices for stubborn stains. If the travertine gets dirty and you can’t fix the problem through the normal cleaning procedures; a poultice may be the solution. Create a paste by mixing a formulated stone cleanser with ordinary baking powder. Smooth this over the stain and cover with a clear plastic wrap. Let it sit for several days and gradually the poultice will slowly draw the stain out. Remove the poultice with warm water and buff with a cotton cloth or chamois.

4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Guaranteed to Increase Home Value

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Guaranteed to Increase Home Value1. Increase The Work Area

This is a big one with potential buyers. If one has a family, and will be cooking a lot, work space is a huge issue in a kitchen. Many smaller homes do not have much area to work on. Counter space is lacking, and things can be cramped. Even in large homes, houses can be designed so that the kitchen has better ascetics than function.

This is a good time to have your kitchen remodeled with an eye on increasing the working area. Extend the counters. Add an island or peninsula. Install a hanging track for pots and pans, freeing up counter space, and cabinet space. Even in the smallest kitchen areas, a good designer will be able to redesign so that space is maximized.

They may be vertical, using shelving to free up counter area. They may even put in a stacked area in your counter top, giving you two work areas without increasing the length or width of your counters.

2. Install Granite or Tile

Using stone of any kind, including tile, is a great way to increase your home’s value. This goes for both the floors (wood and carpet are poor choices for a kitchen that will be used often because they do not handle spills, moisture, and water very well).

Not only does this lessen the likelihood that your floor will get ruined by water, but it is very attractive to potential buyers. It is considered easy to clean, and will drive up the value of your home significantly. In a tight housing market, this could be the key to getting your home sold.

3. New Lighting

Many homes suffer from poor lighting. What’s the sense of having a beautiful, new kitchen if you can’t see anything?

Lighting fixtures are one of the more cost effective, and cheap, upgrades you can make. Things like track or recessed lighting put a modern, beautiful touch to your kitchen. Lighting under cabinets, mood lighting, lights with fans built in… they all add up to a significant increase in your house’s value.

4. New Appliances

This is a fairly costly investment, but I can pay for itself many times over. If you know that potential buyers are looking for a furnished kitchen, new refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, etc. can really go a long way toward making your home and easy sell. Plus, if you plan on staying a while, new, energy efficiency appliances will save you money on energy bills.


Kitchen Renos

Kitchen RenosWhen potential buyers go to view a home the two rooms that they take the most notice of are the bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms are the ones that are the most used and also the most expensive to renovate, so seeing that the kitchen and bathroom are already updated and functional goes a long way when you are looking to sell your home.

Of course you don’t have to renovate just to sell, maybe it’s just time for a new kitchen for you and your family to enjoy. So what will it be? New cupboards, new countertops, new fixtures, new flooring? Will you go small or go all out moving everything around, knocking down walls and making a whole new space?

Doing a complete gut job on the old kitchen leaves you with a blank slate from which to work, but doing some little things can leave a big impact without blowing the budget completely out of the water. If your cabinets are in good shape but are just in a colour that was popular years ago, it may be as easy as sanding them down and staining them a more up to date colour. New hardware like drawer pulls and cabinet handles also bring that tired kitchen back into the modern realm.

New countertops will also refresh the look of your kitchen. Today there are even companies that cover the existing countertops so there is no removal of the old ones needed. Updated taps and new light fixtures also give a more modern look without spending too much money on your renovation.

What about those floors? If you have linoleum it may be a good time for a change. Tiles are a great option for a kitchen floor, and now there are even ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood so you can have that warm and cozy look that wood brings without the associated issues. Hardwood will warp and crack if it gets too wet and humidity is also a major hurdle, so it’s almost always recommended that you stop your hardwood floors in the living room and don’t continue them into a kitchen area. With wood look tiles this isn’t a problem. They come in a variety of colours and ‘woods’ so you can customize at will, all with the no-hassle cleaning and durability that comes with tile.

Kitchen renovations can be as small or as large as you wish, but they will all bring you a refreshed and updated look that will last for years.


6 Useful Tips for Installing Slate Mosaic Tiles

Installing Slate Mosaic TilesWhen it comes to architecture, seldom can we find a person who is completely satisfied with the design. Whether it is a humble house or top class hotel, each property owner thinks that there is an adequate room for improvement in the architectural design of their structure.

However with the increasing prices of building material, setting, fixing and installing any structure it is not always possible to completely renovate the structure. So one of the best things is to remodel using the wall panels appropriately.

In short wall panels are small portable portions of architectural beauty that can be installed as patches in order to give an extra height to the beauty of overall interior decoration. Today we will learn about slate mosaic tiles that are fast becoming popular with many households.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

The slate mosaic tiles are the best ways to transform tasteless walls into fine piece of aesthetically enhanced architecture. The unique tough surface with the edges of blocks slightly jutting out from the structure gives a unique natural look to the whole ambiance. It requires minimum knowledge and you don’t have to go through a lot of hassles.

The creativity associated with designing an eye-appealing pattern is unmatched and in fact it can have therapeutic effect on your mind. So, here are certain things that you need to pay attention too:

1. Buying the slate mosaic is actually the first, foremost and very crucial step in the whole process. You need to search through multiple leading manufacturers and suppliers. Don’t be hasty here. Take your time. It is always better to check with your acquaintances for the best suppliers who are trustworthy. The most important things to consider here is quality. Building materials are not something that can be changed frequently. One more thing to consider is that buying building material requires certain knowledge. So if you are not apt in buying building material then it is highly recommendable to accompany someone who has a good experience.

2. For grouts, prefer epoxy based grouts than conventional grouts, but you need to be extra careful while installing.

3. Don’t be afraid to cut the stone edges to design a perfect pattern.

4. Creativity plays a very important role here. Do not restrain your creative talent just because your conventional knowledge does not agree with it. As far as the wall panel seems beautiful, it is agreeable to eyes and gives a smooth visual feeling fitting well into the entire interior decoration scheme, you can go ahead.

5. If you are installing the panels for the first time, it is highly recommendable to use sanded grout. The main benefit of this grout is that sand is known for its smoothness and adaptability. Besides its fine particles give a perfect reason to extremely experiment with the style.

6. It is always recommendable to have a detailed meeting with the suppliers telling them your exact requirements and creative ideas so that they can advice you about the best material, grout and required modifications in design to make it practically possible.

Keeping all the above things in mind, you can create excellent designs that will enhance the beauty of your architecture.

Using slate mosaic wall panels is the best way to highlight any portion of the house. However, one must be very careful while buying the slate mosaic panels. There are many leading natural stone suppliers offering best slate mosaic panels at reasonable rates. You can search such suppliers and buy it online.